Our organic lattes give you energy from balance, not from chemicals.

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What are Adaptogen Lattes?


Adaptogens are spices and herbs that help the human body metabolize stress. Adaptogens are the super secret ingredients in Copper Cup lattes that make people feel so great.

Amazing Flavor

All of Copper Cup lattes are delicious. Hands down. We don't sacrifice taste. Each is its own unique balance of aromatic sweetness and enlivening spice. Use the milk of your choice and, if you like, add extras like honey and cinnamon.

Cut the Caffeine

Each of Copper Cup's unique flavors uses powerful adaptogenic spices to give you balance and energy. Copper Cup brings your body into balance you get energy in the morning without caffeine, and it helps you sleep better at night.

2 O'Clock Slump

Copper Cup picks you up in the afternoon. Turmeric, Ginseng (Supergreens), and Schisandra Berry (Red) relieve stress and improves your mood. Copper Cup make you feel your absolute best in body, mind, and mood.

Sleep Soundly

Coffee and caffeine keep you up and make the sleep you do get less restful. Copper Cup is caffeine-free, so it doesn't mess with your sleep. And adaptogens like Turmeric, Ginseng, and Schisandra Berry, even when taken in the evening, are actually sleep aides!

Cafes & Resellers

Extend Your Cafe's Menu with Adaptogen Lattes

We're helping dozens of cafes around the country expand their menus, improve their brands, grow their customer base, and make more money with our adaptogen lattes. We offer competitive reseller bulk pricing. Connect with us by sending an email to info*at*drinkcoppercup.com

"We shopped around and Copper Cup is by far the most consumer-friendly brand of turmeric latte that we've found."
Bluestone Lane Cafes, NYC

How to make a Copper Cup

Copper Cup Drinks

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Turmeric Latte Pouches (Regular, Large, and Cafe) Turmeric Latte Pouches (Regular, Large, and Cafe)

Turmeric Latte Pouches (Regular, Large, and Cafe)

From $ 31.99

Supergreen Latte Pouches (Regular, Cafe) Supergreen Latte Pouches (Regular, Cafe)

Supergreen Latte Pouches (Regular, Cafe)

From $ 31.99

Red Latte Pouches (Regular, Cafe) Red Latte Pouches (Regular, Cafe)

Red Latte Pouches (Regular, Cafe)

From $ 31.99

Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte (Regular, Cafe) Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte (Regular, Cafe)

Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte (Regular, Cafe)

From $ 31.99

Copper Cup in Bulk Copper Cup in Bulk

Copper Cup in Bulk

$ 159.00

As Seen in Sunset Magazine

We have partnered with Diaspora Co to bring you single origin organic turmeric. Our turmeric has an extra high cucurmin content of 4.5% and supports a living wage for family owned organic farms in India.

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Testimonials | What People are Saying

"Caffeine used to be my go-to to keep me going through the day as a strength coach, but my experience with Copper Cup gave me the mental focus I desire in the morning, and deep-rooted stability in my joints."

Paul Zweifel, Strength and Conditioning Coach

"I love drinking Copper Cup right after my workout. It tastes so good and I can feel it relaxing my muscles to help with post-workout recovery."

Eva Clemens, Personal Trainer

"As someone who doesn't consume caffeine but who still loves a warm and cozy beverage every morning, Copper Cup has quickly become my new favorite drink. It's perfectly balanced between spicy and sweet. My body and mind sense that I'm drinking something healthy and restorative and perk up with each sip. It makes a perfect gift. Copper Cup is both a treat and an investment in my well-being!"

Sarah Z., Writer

"Here's what I would tell another cafe owner about your product:  Copper Cup is both delicious and unique.  It doesn't even matter if you personally don't like chai or turmeric or coconut, or the combination of these ingredients.  The fact is that you have customers who will really enjoy Copper Cup.  It doesn't need to replace your current chai recipe, just offered as an alternative.  And there's no real downside to trying it out, compared to a nice upside of having a new and unique beverage that your customers can't find at other cafes near by.  I personally can't think of a good reason to not give it a try."

Nathan Wyss, Cafe Owner

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