Copper Cup Lovers: Shayne Dante, Equestrian 🏇🏼

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We received this note from one of our dedicated customer's, Shayne. Shayne is an international dressage competitor and wanted to share her Copper Cup story.

"As a young professional with big dreams, my day is always organized chaos. I ride anywhere from 10-15 horses a day. On top of that, I coach my clients, I travel to teach clinics, I travel for competitions, and I spend long nights chipping away at my business, Ride To The Max. My life is so busy! 

Unfortunately, as much as I love what I do, I have been fighting chronic kidney stones for about 10 years. Coffee (caffeine) is a big trigger for me.... but it's so hard to not use it as a go to boost throughout my day!

A friend of mine introduced me to Copper Cup as a healthy, yummy alternative to my much needed coffee in between rides. I fell in love... even my horses try to snag a sip! It's caffeine free, it comes in easy to use pouches, and the flavor is addicting.

Thank you Copper Cup for making my day easier and keeping my health on track!



Thank you, Shayne for taking the time to tell us how Copper Cup has benefited your life.  

If you have a story on how Copper Cup has helped you, please share your story with us here.

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  • I received a trial size of your turmeric latte with my March Goddess Provisions subscription box and LOVED it! Based on my experience, I decided to try a similar and slightly less expensive product that I found on Amazon, but it is nowhere near as tasty as Copper Cup! The brand I tried does not have any added sugars, so I tried some honey to sweeten it up a bit and it still does not measure up; that and – with the honey – it has more sugar and calories. So, I will finish what I have, but am excited to return to your product. I plan to be a long-time, repeat customer. Thank you for making such an excellent product!

    Jessy Kastanek on

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