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The Secret to Enjoying the Benefits of Turmeric

Posted by Adam Braus on

Why I Started Copper Cup

I started Copper Cup to make it easy for anyone to enjoy the benefits of turmeric. Read on to learn about turmeric's many benefits and the surprising keys to unlock them in your own home.

Reduce Inflammation

Turmeric is an incredible spice that people are only now beginning to understand its benefits. Its biggest and most scientifically supported benefit is turmeric is an Anti-Inflammatory meaning it reduces the inflammation of your whole body: your cells, joints, muscles, and digestive system. This reduces join pain, relaxes muscles, helps headaches, and improves digestion. Inflammation is also big part of aging, so reducing inflammation promotes overall wellness and longevity.

Stabilize Your Mood

Turmeric is also proven to have a stabilizing effect on your mood and energy levels. Turmeric is what is called an Adaptogen meaning it helps your body metabolize stress. When you drink a golden milk or a Copper Cup Turmeric Latte you warm, relaxed, energized, and good. The feeling is gentle and not like anything else. You really just have to try it to see how good it feels. 

Because there isn't any caffeine in it, turmeric is safe for moms, kids, pregnant women, and anyone else. And there is no buzz and no crash.

Turmeric lattes gives you clear-headed energy, but is also the perfect drink for before bed. I like it especially after work around 5pm to relax and destress before the evening begins. My friend Dan loves it at 3pm to give himself a bump of energy at the end of the day.

Forget Turmeric Pills

If there is one thing you need to know about the benefits of turmeric, it's "Do not to take turmeric pills!" Many herbal and supplement brands offer a turmeric pill, but it really won't help you that much. Why? 

The active ingredient in turmeric is called Curcumin - and curcumin is only available to your metabolism if two other things are present: black pepper, and fat.

Turmeric pills might have "piperine" in them - the active herbal ingredient in normal, household black pepper, but even with piperine, these pills are literally 50x less potent because they lack the second critical ingredient: fat.

Turmeric only becomes fully available to your body when it is dissolved in or consumed with a lipid - in other words - it needs to be in or with some fat. That means if you want to enjoy turmeric, make it bullet proof, add some butter, coconut milk, coconut milk, anything fatty!

Golden Milk or a Golden Latte

Indian people have an ancient remedy called Golden Milk that unlocks the benefits of turmeric by making turmeric's curcumin available to the body. Golden Milk is turmeric mixed with milk and black pepper. The fat, the key to unlocking turmeric's anti-inflammatory benefits is in that fatty milk. Ancient Indians didn't drink skim folks, they drank it straight from the cow. We're talking some whole milk.

How to Make Golden Milk At Home

To enjoy the benefits of turmeric, you can make golden milk at home on the stove, just heat up some whole milk or fatty milk of your choice, add some turmeric, and crack some black pepper into it. You are ready!

I got kinda tired of all that work, so I mixed up an organic, instant golden powder. I started giving it away to my friends, and then their friends started wanting to buy it, so that basically explains why Copper Cup is a thing. 

So whether you are making golden milk at home or buying Copper Cup's mix, I hope you and your family and friends are enjoying the benefits of turmeric! 


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  • I don’t drink white milk can I drink it with chocolate milk instead of white milk can I mix turmeric with that

    Michelle Ross on
  • I cannot tolerate milk. What can I drink or consume with the powder instead? At this point I cannot even think of consuming a product with the flavor and consistency of milk after years growing up being forced to drink milk which always made me I’ll and often vomit. What could I mix it with, ice cream?

    Janet Duncan on
  • I actually bought the Spring Valley brand turmeric curcumin capsules and the powder form. You said I shouldn’t use the tablets at all? I am going to make the milk also, but I bought the pills for a friend who has joint pain in his knee. Should I not give him these for the inflammation?

    Robert Plummer on
  • I am so impressed about all the benefits of using turmeric.

    Sharon Roker-Layne on

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