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Why "Copper Cup"?

Posted by Kat Koh on

In India, many start the day by drinking a cup of cleansed and ionized water that sat overnight in a copper cup. This therapeutic water, called tamra jal, has a host of health benefits including boosting immunity, reducing inflammation in the body, and conducting spiritual energy. It is typically consumed by yogis first thing in the morning as part of daily meditation practice.

We named our company Copper Cup partly as a bow to the Ayurvedic roots of haldi ka doodh (turmeric milk), but more because we love the transformative power of the copper cup. It resonates strongly with us.

What we believe

  1. Offer the right nourishment to the body, and it heals itself. 
  2. Place someone in the right environment, and they will transform to their highest good.
  3. Mother Nature is really smart.

Our friend Roman has called us a "good business trying to spread healthy life choices." That's exactly what we're trying to do, one cup at a time. 

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