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Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte (Regular, Cafe)
Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte (Regular, Cafe)
Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte (Regular, Cafe)
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Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte (Regular, Cafe)

Just as the leaves are changing and the air is turning brisk, we turned our eyes to a new flavor of Copper Cup that would complement the season.

We'd always wanted to include darker, autumn flavors in Copper Cup, like clove, allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and now we've gone and done made it with Copper Cup's Autumn Spice Turmeric Latte.

With this new seasonal recipe, you can enjoy all the benefits of turmeric wrapped in the warm flavors of autumn. We haven't added any more sugar to this recipe, although cinnamon and allspice really have their own rich, earthy sweetness that we hope you enjoy.

The new autumn ingredients bring flavor first, but also have powerful and positive effects on the body. Clove (like turmeric) is an anti-inflamatory. Cinnamon helps your body regulate its sugar metabolism. Allspice and Nutmeg balance each other; one energizes, one relaxes.

The new recipe is still vegan and caffeine free, and we haven't weakened your dose of turmeric and black pepper that you'll feel at the end of every mug. 

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