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Copper Cup Adaptogen Lattes | Turmeric - Ginseng - Schisandra


Copper Cup comes in individual, on-the-go sachets or 20/38/138-serving upright pouches.

To prepare Copper Cup add one sachet or a rounded teaspoon of the mix add hot water and the milk of your choice. Top with any other sweeteners and toppings you like.

Amazing Flavor

Copper Cup has a delicious balance of aromatic sweetness and gentle, enlivening spice. Use the milk of your choice and, if you like, add extras like honey and cinnamon.

Cut the Caffeine

Copper Cup's turmeric and unique blend of herbs give you energy in the morning. Copper Cup brings your body into balance you get energy in the morning without caffeine, and it helps you sleep better at night.

Forget the 2 O'Clock Slump

Copper Cup picks you up in the afternoon. Turmeric relieves stress and improves your mood. Copper Cup makes your body feel really good. Not a surprise when turmeric is as effective as ibuprofen for reducing arthritis pain.

Sleep Soundly

Coffee and caffeine keep you up and make the sleep you do get less restful. Copper Cup is caffeine-free, so it doesn't mess with your sleep. And turmeric, when taken in the evening, is actually a sleep aid!