Red Sachets - Rasberry-Beet, Schizandra Berry, Cayenne
Red Sachets - Rasberry-Beet, Schizandra Berry, Cayenne
Red Sachets - Rasberry-Beet, Schizandra Berry, Cayenne
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Red Sachets - Rasberry-Beet, Schizandra Berry, Cayenne

People drink Copper Cup so they can feel their absolute best, and the Red Latte is no exception. In addition to an amazing and unique taste, reducing inflammation, and stress, the speciality of the Red Latte is increasing physical energy and bodily warmth

The new recipe is still organic, vegan, and caffeine free, and each serving has a large dose of powerful ingredients you'll feel at the end of every mug.

As always, we put flavor first in choosing the ingredients for the Copper Cup Red Latte. We covered up any grassy beet flavor with raspberry and cayenne pepper. and then we constructed a suite of superfoods and adaptogenic spices that have powerful energizing effects on the body and mind.

The foundation of the red latte is organic beets which provides phytonutrients that provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification. Schisandra berries, the secret weapon, are considered an energy adaptogen that reduce stress and increase energy. Cayenne (like turmeric) is an anti-inflammatory and also promotes energy and circulation and is an aphrodisiac. 

This recipe has 1g more of sugar in it than the others because of the beets and raspberry, but the flavor is not very sweet. More like a beet-berry smoothy. If you like a sweet treat, we'd still recommend adding some honey or cane sugar to yours. 

organic ingredients:
beets, coconut milk, coconut sugar, raspberry, schisandra berry, ginger, vanilla and cayenne pepper

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